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Congratulations! You already have an established Vocation Ministry in your parish, and you may be struggling or in need of some fresh ideas. Either way, you have landed in the right place. The activities and resources outlined here should inspire all ministries.

I first encourage you to evaluate your parish and ministry to see where it fits into the phases of the book and this website. Some ministries established years ago have only a few members and only meet every six months; they most likely need to start at Phase I. Other ministries are fully funded and staffed, and they may be able to go straight to Phase II.

Every ministry and parish is different, so realistically knowing where you are will allow you to follow a path of success instead of being overwhelmed or bored. The structure outlined gives a very solid foundation on which the ministry can grow for years. It helps the ministry build a reputation for being prudent and successful. And, for those reasons, it attracts volunteers and helps them avoid burnout.

The point of the phases is to implement activities in an order that the ministry's human and financial resources can handle and that the parish is prepared to receive. Achieving success with smaller, simpler, but still impactful activities before tackling the larger, more expensive, and more complex ones will keep attitudes in the ministry and parish positive. Alternatively, presenting an activity that requires a long-term commitment to a parish that has minimal understanding of vocations may leave a bad impression of the concept and the ministry.

My hope is that you will find activities that light a fire for vocations in your parish! God bless you! St. Alphonsus Liguori, pray for us!


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I think this book will do so much good. I know you wrote it with much prayers and love, and it is a product of your dedicated works in the ministry of vocation. You have blessed our vocation office and the vocation ministry at St Cecilia and here in the Archdiocese abundantly! May the Lord bless you and He abundant fruit to your work!

Fr. Dat Hoang, Former Vocation Director for Archdiocese of Galveston Houston

Vocations to the Priesthood and religious life can only evolve in a culture which nurtures a positive response to God’s calling whether that be in the home, school or church. Without a doubt, a robust parish vocation mission is the perfect means of cultivating such an environment in all three places. Rhonda Gruenewald has developed a full proof method of creating and sustaining a bountiful vocation mission in every parish. Her work is truly the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

Margo P. Geddie, Vice President for Communications for Serra US 

This book will be a useful tool for parishes in our Archdiocese and beyond. We frequently have pastors and parishioners who ask for help to initiate or revitalize their parish vocation committees. Having a manual coming from a parish’s practical experiences and with electronic forms available on the website will enable us to respond to their needs. We look forward to having it as a resource as we continue to build a culture of vocations for the sake of our Church and society.

Sr. Anita Brenek, CDP, Associate Director, Office of Vocations Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston

To have all of these activities in one well thought out piece with such prayerful consideration and documented practice is a lovely example of Divine inspiration paired with the willingness of servant's hearts in answering His call. This is a beautiful example of what can be done with the collaboration of gifts bestowed to us while listening to the call of our Lord. It will become a gift to many in seeking a clear path to promoting vocations. "Well done, my good and faithful servant" Matthew 25:21. It is a masterpiece!

Anne Shepherd-Knapp, Chairman, Serra US Vocation Committee Deputy Governor, District 10 President, The Serra Club of Spring-1960 Area

The workshop provided practical steps to address a pressing need in our diocese. The wide gamut of possibilities allows large and small parishes to DO something. Rhonda is good at responding to questions and has lots of practical experience, both positive and negative.

Very Reverend Jay Peterson, Vicar General Diocese of Great Falls-Billings

The most beneficial aspects of the workshop are the book, the website and downloadable materials, and the practical nature of “how to”. You were also encouraging in the many ways pastors/priests are trying to encourage vocations.

Monsignor Mark Merdian, Diocese of Peoria, Illinois  

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