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VM About Our Impact

Vocation Ministry has become a driving force in promoting vocations, having trained over 12,000 priests and laity, representing more than 6,000 parishes. Through our guidebooks and workshops, Vocation Ministry provides a holistic approach to vocation promotion. Our individualized strategic plans for each diocese incorporate both spiritual and practical components, as well as the material for them to market the workshops. On-going support includes ideas and resources for implementation of activities and events to capitalize on the momentum and customizable long-term support through our website and newsletters.

God is still calling men and women to serve Him, and the work of Vocation Ministry is a testament to that! In the Diocese of Austin, Texas, after our workshop presentation, the number of potential discerners more than tripled, going from 300 to 975. Now the diocese has 13 new seminarians, the highest number ever!

In fact, many of the dioceses who partner with Vocation Ministry report significant increases in new seminarians after implementing our program: Greensburg, PA increased from 7 to 10, San Angelo, TX from 7 to 14, Lake Charles, LA from 5 to 9, and Spokane, WA from 3 to 10!

The promotion of vocations should be at the heart of every family, parish, and school. The impact of our workshops goes beyond just increasing the number of seminarians. The outcome of a greater number of those called to vocations, whether to the priesthood, consecrated life, or marriage, is future sustainability for Catholic churches and Catholic schools.