Vocation Resources:

VM About Why This Ministry?

Why do we need Vocation Ministry?

Vocations are integral to the life of the Church. The vocation of marriage produces religious vocations, and religious vocations are the human means for the entry point of all Catholics into a grace-filled sacramental life. Fostering strong and courageous vocations in the modern world is the lifeblood of the future of the Church. 

Yet, currently 3,500 parishes in the United States are without a resident priest, in addition to the more than 1,700 parishes without a priest in Canada, and many dioceses anticipate a staggering 50 percent drop in priest numbers by 2025. Simultaneously, the ranks of religious sisters have dwindled to levels last seen a century ago, and sacramental marriages, the foundation of all vocations, have plummeted by 55 percent since 1990. The crisis in North American vocations is unmistakably clear. 

Though this reality is sobering, the zeal to cultivate all vocations is surging! Vocation directors, parish leaders, and dedicated parishioners nationwide are fervently striving to strengthen the bonds of marriage and family life and celebrate the beauty and nobility of vocations. 

Our goal, the goal of Vocation Ministry, is to create an environment in every parish, school, and family that encourages and allows men and women to easily say “YES” to God’s call in their lives to the priesthood, consecrated life, or sacramental marriage. Everyone discerning this important decision should feel supported, whenever they hear the call and wherever they hear the call! 

What does Vocation Ministry do?: 

  1. ASSESS current vocation promotion 
  2. STRATEGIZE new efforts to engage promotors 
  3. PLAN priests, laity, and educator workshops 
  4. CAPITALIZE on momentum of the workshops 

Renewing the Catholic Church and culture hinges on actively and intentionally promoting and building up vocations. Each person’s vocational calling is imprinted on their heart by God. By partnering with Vocation Ministry, together we can rekindle that call within every heart and ensure the future of the Catholic Church.