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Hundredfold Workshop for Parishioners

Pope Francis said, “Vocations promotion is the responsibility of every Catholic.” Vocation Ministry’s goal is to have every parish in a diocese praying for and promoting vocations. To accomplish this, we offer a fast-paced and informative parishioner workshop to inspire the laity to create and sustain a parish vocation ministry that promotes the priesthood, consecrated life, and sacramental marriages.

The laity will be fully equipped as we provide guidance on taking small steps to make a BIG impact as a vocation-friendly environment, which is created prayerfully over time. We also introduce the best strategies for using our resources, including the book, Hundredfold: A Guide to Parish Vocation Ministry and its Spanish-language counterpart, Sembrando Semillas, along with this website.

Typically, a parishioner workshop will occur on a Saturday from 9 am – 3 pm about 4-8 weeks after a priest convocation/gathering. Adoration or Mass is offered at the workshop.

“80% of seminarians in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston came from the 20 percent of parishes that actively promote vocations.”

Join us for a workshop designed just for YOU! It includes:

  • Introduction to Vocation Ministry
  • Statistics that support the need to promote vocations
  • Explanation as to why the parish is the best place for this lay-led ministry/committee
  • Goals of the ministry
  • Proven effective activities in the categories of Prayer, Awareness & Education, Youth, and Affirmation
  • Vocation days to promote
  • Diocesan and parish partners
  • Inviting people to discern
  • Examples and positive impact of vocation-producing parishes and dioceses
  • Commissioning of Vocation Promoters and more

According to our surveys, 88% of parishioners are highly likely to start a vocation ministry after this workshop.

Workshop Flyer:

Testimony & Letters of Recommendation

Feedback from Parishioners

“The Complete Package- It was ‘Vocation Ministry in a Box’ I felt someone who is inexperienced but moved by the Holy Spirit could pick this up and run with it!”


“Knowing nothing about this ministry, I feel that we received such valuable information from such a dynamic speaker, who is so very passionate about vocations!”

Barbara Randolf, Archdiocese of Kansas City, Kansas

“The Hundredfold seminar has been an answer to our prayer, and our group has been so blessed and honored to be in attendance. Your encouragement and easy guide on each phase has led our Vocation Committee to take our first ‘baby’ step in initiating our first project.”

-Heather (Agnes) Kim

Feedback from Vocation Directors

“Hosting the “Hundredfold Workshop” has made a definite impact on our vocation promotion efforts. Within just four months of the Workshop, some parishes are already doing things they did not do before.”

Fr. Joseph Sia, Diocese of Davenport, Vocation Director

“Rhonda offered effective workshops to our priests and deacons which inspired them to invite over 220 laypeople from parishes and schools across the diocese. As Vocations Director, I am very aware that the work of promoting vocations is too big a job for any one person or group of people. I now have a whole army of people across the diocese who are sustaining our work in prayer, actively finding ways to promote a culture of vocations in their local communities.”

Fr. Matt Mason, Diocese of Manchester, Vocation Director

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