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VM State of Priestly Vocations Data

State of Priestly Vocations Data

Tier Data

Vocation Ministry split dioceses into groups based on the overall Catholic population within each diocese to enhance the data from the Official Catholic Directory (2015-2022) and our analysis. This division enabled us to better compare “apples to apples” among vocation cultivation in dioceses of the same general size in the United States. The 175 dioceses have been broken into “tiers,” where we found natural breaks based on this population criteria. The data provided are spreadsheets of analysis of each diocese, quadrants with dioceses labeled and explanations, and the correlations found for each tier. We pray this information will be a vital tool for bishops, vocation directors, parish leaders, and families in shaping how to foster more holy vocations.

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Tier 1 Data

Catholic population of 750,000+

Tier 2 Data

Catholic population between 300,000 and 50,000

Tier 3 Data

Catholic population between 100,000-300,000

Tier 4 Data

Catholic population up to 100,000

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We believe it is vitally important for priests, bishops, and laity to understand the state of priestly vocations in the United States. With this knowledge, steps can be taken to increase prayer and promotion of vocations that will bear fruit for generations to come.

To that end Vocation Ministry expended over 700 man-hours and in excess of $20,000 in compiling and analyzing the data in this report and in writing, presenting and delivering it to you for FREE.  If you have found our efforts informative, please consider donating to Vocation Ministry so we can continue and expand our mission to foster vocations.”


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